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Special program created from the current need for professional, vocational and personal counselling and the need to (re) discover your personal abilities that make you special. This program is addressed to healthcare professionals at the beginning of their career paths or those who want a change in their career orientation.

I know from my personal experience that we need role models, mentors, guides to evolve and to (re) discover ourselves. Sometimes we are lucky and the people we need come on our path but, sometimes we need to consciously seek them, this is why we started this project due to a deep search and desire for knowledge.

I am specialized in coaching and personal development counseling following national and international training courses. I’m a certified International Points of YouTM trainer, a method I use frequently in individual or group sessions.

Together with other specialists in PR&Communication, sales and marketing, we offer you all the tools you need for yourself as a professional and for your personal development.

This program is addressed to healthcare professionals (pharmacists, doctors, students and  nurses) who are at the beginning of their career path or who want to change in their careers.
If you feel stuck and you feel you have nowhere to turn to, if you feel that you do not have any opportunities, that all the good places are taken, that you cannot get ahead with anything you do, then this program is for you!

If you want to change something in your life: your job, lifestyle, social status, mood, but things do not happen the way you foresee it, then this program is made for you!
If you want to improve your current status, grow financially, personally or professionally, then sign up for this program!

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